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KirbyBros Medford NJ
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Main Street is closed this week for road repairs! A headache for us has now become a super great for you! If you need anything from our store and we mean anything from local honey, doggie breath mints and 5lbs of rabbit feed to a ton of horse feed, call 609-654-4312 and we will get it to you. Pay by credit card over the phone or COD and because of the circumstances, there will be no additional fee. We are sorry for any inconvenience but this is truly out of our control.

We Carry Blue Bufallo Dog and Cat Foods!





Pie-throwing event draws Medford police

Pie throw in Medford helps out pediatric cancer research

Medford police hit by pies for charity

Pies for charity



Kirby Bros in the news!

Some Families Are Choosing A More Old Fashioned Lifestyle

Burlington County Times:


Chickens come home to roost

Homesteading takes root through county store

The Central Record:


Medford couple embarks on modern homesteading lifestyle

Farmers market to open in Medford

WHYY News Works/Jersey Bites:


Food independence through modern homesteading in N.J.

From Trenton to Collingswood: New Jersey farmers markets open for business

"The Kirby Family Members remember the life of
C. Engle Kirby
July 1st, 1921 - January 18th, 2012"



My Blog

Kidding. And everything that could have gone wrong did.
Posted by: Sarah Kirby - 03/14/13 @ 10:53AM
We have babies!!!

Six Kirby Kids!
The short version:
Hope was pregnant with 4 babies! FOUR! It was a very difficult delivery and we lost a little boy after trying very hard to save him, but it was just not meant to be. The day after Momma Hope is doing REALLY well and three little girls are doing better by the minute.
Baby #1-Jessica (girl) Butt first. All black trying the hardest to walk

Jessica with her Momma Hope right after birth. I am inclined to think that Chaz's Jack Daniels sweatshirt is lucky!
Baby # 2-James (boy) Beautiful fawn color with white patches and a black stripe down his back. He was stuck in the birth canal in the worst possible way. Thanks to some...

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